Friday, 10 September 2010

Customized Shoes.

Here are some shoes that my daughter Grace designed one saturday night when she was bored & wasn't out. Which is very unusual for her, as shes always out!

If you couldn't tell this pair is of Lilo & Stitch
& took her a total of about 48 hours to complete!
They were done with fabric markers and MY BEST inks!!!
She's had compliments from all her friends and alot of requests to design some more for them.
So I thought I'd show her talent off to everybody, because thats what mums do :)

The Lion King                   &                             Recess
Above are some more designs she has done recently,
The Lion King pair she did for a friends birthday present & the Recess pair she was commissioned to make by another friend of hers.
She's not always very confident with them and takes a while to come round to liking them, but I think she's happy with them now.
Mandy x

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  1. omg! they are great! I want them ALL!!!! your daughter is very talented :)